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Galaxy Empire Wikipedia

Welcome to the GE Wikipedia page.

Main Pages

Scripting Layout


animation type
blend state
control commands
hud handles
scene object types

Modding Pages

Markets And Commodities
Working With Fonts
Creating A HUD
Adding A Ship
Making A Scene
Animating A Texture
Working With Zones
Scripting A Model Group
Writing A Scripted Mission
Handling Weather Effects
Designing Loot
Making An Animated Mover
Creating Effects And Explosions
Setting Up Dynamic Objects
Factions And Reputations
Adding And Building Construction Items
Setting Up A Skybox
Working With Audio And Music
Making Textures Transparent
Creating Animated Water
Using The Built-in Editor
Setting Up A Light

Helper Programs

GE Editor - Asset editing
Make Human - Creating A Character
GIMP - Texture editing
XNormal - Texture creation

Major contributors

Lancer Solurus
Sol Command
Matthew Pablo
Rich Douglas

Additional contributors

El Stupido

Purchased assets

Arteria 3D

GE contains a lot of free public domain assets in it's folders. You will see some of it in the test scenes used in the development process of the game engine. In the final product many of these items will most likely disappear, so don't count on them being there for modding. If I don't have credits for them, I remove the content. If you want to contribute a map you made, post it in the forum and it will become part of the main release. Do not include any copyrighted assets you did not make. I may use it for test videos but it won't be included in the release version.